About Our Company

Schedule Contract for Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule 03FAC
Contract Number: GS-06F-0008T
Sin 811-005 (Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (R-HVAC))
Sin 811-1000 (Other Direct Costs)
Labor Rate: $95.00
Minimum Order Amount: $100.00
Maximum Order Amount: $750,000.00
Current Geographic Coverage: Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland
Payment terms: Net 30 days, credit card payments accepted
Payment Discounts: 0.5% Discount for Payments Received before 10 days.
Duns Number: 15-770-1947
CCR Registered: Yes

Planning � Construct � Maintain
These three simple yet powerful words are the foundation of our business. At Baistar we understand the key concept to the implementation of our industry’s products is; design is nothing if not implemented and construction quickly disintegrates if not maintained. Therefore, Planning – Construct – Maintain, all from a single source firm.

By providing full scope mechaical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) building services in house, we are in a unique position to provide true turn-key solutions to our clients at a fraction of the cost compared to a Design/Bid/Build project delivery system. Our Action based project delivery system takes the guess work out of project management, perpetually moves the project forward and allows our clients the ability to focus on their core businesses. Our company slogan Design – Construct – Maintain, isn't meant to be a catchy sales gimmick, it is meant to convey precisely what our company objective is; to Design a complete MEP solution at the best value from day one, to Construct that design seamlessly by integrating the design phase and the pre-construction phase into one continuous task, and to Maintain that system for our clients throughout the systems design life by consciously thinking about serviceability during the design and construction phases of the project.

Action Based Project Management
What is action based project management? Baistar believes project management is the sole act of communicating actions to those who will be implementing them. By consistently and constantly asking what is the next action required to keep the ball rolling, we are able to do just that, keep things rolling. We have found that the hardest task to finishing a project is pulling all the loose ends together. Imagine how well a project would come together if a) there were no gaps in the designer/contractor communication chain and b) there were no loose ends to deal with at the end of the job. Of course that would be ideal for a smooth and almost effortless project delivery. These things are the key concepts behind our action based project management, along with, well planned pre-construction, value engineering from day one, rolling punch-lists (fix it when you find it) and a complete serviceability review.

In addition to these ideas we encourage all of our employees to strive to work smarter by think in terms of productivity and the next action required. A team is made stronger by the sum of all of its parts; therefore, in order to implement an action based project management solution, everyone on the team must be involved with deciding on the next action and acting on it. As an integral part of this philosophy we ask everyone involved in the project to share their comments, thoughts and questions so we are better prepared to turn over a seamless project.